Feria de San Pedro de Alcántara 2023

Feria de San Pedro de Alcántara 2023

Feria de San Pedro de Alcántara, also known as the San Pedro Fair, is a popular annual festival celebrated in San Pedro de Alcántara, will start this year on Monday 16th October and Finish on Sunday 22nd October. This fair typically takes place in late October to coincide with the Feast of Saint Peter (Fiesta de San Pedro), the patron saint of the town. The fair is a significant event in the local calendar and is known for its vibrant and festive atmosphere.

Here is just some of what you can expect with a trip to the Feria de San Pedro de Alcántara:

  1. Opening Ceremony: The fair usually kicks off with an opening ceremony, often featuring a fireworks display. This is a moment of great excitement and anticipation.
  2. Fairgrounds: The fair is typically held in a designated area with fairground rides, amusement games, and food stalls. This area is brightly decorated and illuminated at night.
  3. Music and Dancing: Traditional Andalusian music, including flamenco, plays a central role in the fair. Visitors can enjoy live performances of flamenco music and dance. There are often stages set up for these performances.
  4. Traditional Clothing: It's common for attendees to dress in traditional Spanish and Andalusian clothing, such as flamenco dresses and outfits for women and trajes de corto (short suits) for men.
  5. Horse Parades: Horseback riding and equestrian events are an integral part of the fair. You may witness colorful horse parades and equestrian displays.
  6. Processions: Religious processions dedicated to Saint Peter may take place during the fair, involving statues, religious icons, and participants in traditional attire.
  7. Food and Drink: You can enjoy a variety of traditional Spanish and Andalusian dishes at food stalls, as well as local wines and beverages.
  8. Family-Friendly Activities: The fair is a family-friendly event with attractions for children, such as carousels and games.
  9. Fireworks: The fair often concludes with a grand fireworks display, creating a spectacular and memorable finale.

The Feria de San Pedro de Alcántara is an excellent opportunity to experience Spanish culture, music, and traditions in a festive setting. If you plan to attend this fair, it's advisable to check the specific dates and program of events for the year you intend to visit, as details may vary from year to year.

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